About Me

Hi and welcome!

I’m Christine and I’m on a mission to spread the word of the Enneagram far and wide. I’m a woman of many roles, wearing the hats of Coach, Consultant, Writer, and Therapist (Associate MFT, to be exact). I call myself “the accidental entrepreneur” and “a recovering optimist”, and I’m a proud INFP and Type Two on the Enneagram. I’m based in San Diego, CA and work locally and virtually.

My Background

I received my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from UC Irvine (2001) and my Master’s of Science in Counseling from CSU Fullerton (2010). While studying to become a therapist, I began working for a boutique business consulting firm specializing in leadership development and organizational culture change. It was during that time that I began studying the Enneagram and using it to coach others to become the masterpiece they want to be! 

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