You have the potential to be your own masterpiece.

You just need to know what you're working with.

It’s human nature to want to be the best version of yourself. It’s also human nature to fall short of that pretty often. Learning more about who you are, what your core needs are, and why you keep repeating certain patterns in your life can help you become the masterpiece you know you are capable of being.

Allow me to introduce you to…

The Enneagram

Want to hear more about the Enneagram?
Check out this Sparkles Podcast interview I did recently to share insights and info about the Enneagram. 


The Enneagram: a powerful tool to help you better understand yourself and others

We all have the capacity to be a masterpiece… but we aren’t working with a blank slate. The Enneagram is a foundational part of who we are. It is a unique personality system that identifies 9 distinct personality types and the core needs of each type. We have all 9 types within us, but we are born with a certain type that is most dominant…
so we’re literally wired to be the way we are!

Our dominant personality type is our Enneagram type. And it serves as our internal operating system, acting as the lens that we see the world through. Our Enneagram type determines our core needs, which are made up of basic desire and our basic fear. Each type has very distinct core needs, meaning that people who are two different Enneagram types might act similar ways but have very different motivations for doing so!

Enneagram Coaching helps you learn about the ins and outs of your Enneagram type, deepening your understanding of the internal palette you’re working with and giving you the self-awareness and self-development tools to turn yourself into the masterpiece you were born to be. 

Who benefits from Enneagram Coaching?

Couples & Families

The Enneagram helps you and your partner or family learn about yourself and each other, and better understand certain dynamics in your relationship.


The Enneagram helps you realize your core needs, better understand certain relationship patterns, and learn what is needed to thrive in life.

Teams and Organizations

The Enneagram helps teams work better together. It teaches empathy, deepens understanding of working styles, and builds collaboration.

Wondering if Enneagram coaching is right for you?